Warden commendation recieves no progress

So i have been played FF again to get the warden commendations done. I only needed 3 more kills. Fine i guess, but in 2 matches i’ve recieved points, a medal, a number on the leader boards but nothing in the commendation screen. Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong? If this is not a bug, but implemented, then please make it a bit easier to get the warden commendation progress by getting it when aquiring a medal.

You might of just got one of those boss kill participation medals which means you helped take the boss down, but you didn’t get the killing blow.

Receiving a participation medal is not the same as winning…

I went through the same thing. Solved the issued by using a tank and making sure I was the one who got the last shot in.

You have to get the actual killing bullet to get it on the commendation. The medal alone doesn’t count.

You have to LITERALLY get the last point of damage in. It doesn’t matter if you get the points or even the medal. You have to be that little brat at the back of the map with a DMR and just wait until he’s almost dead, then steal it. It’s the only way.