Warden Assassination

As the time of me typing this topic, it was after a match I lost in warzone do to what I hope is a game error. I can’t pin point the score’s, but me and the enemy’s team were over 850 points. Warden had spawned and both teams went for Warden. When Warden was near death, my fireteam member started to assassinate Warden. As the animation happened, the enemies continued to fire at Warden. My Fireteam member finished the assassination animation alive, however, when Warden died it said defeat on our screen even though my Fireteam member assassinated him. I am hoping this was a game error, but if it isn’t, I really hope 343 fix this because this is extremely unbalanced and unfair in all ways possible.

I will provide video evidence ASAP

Clip: http://xboxclips.com/Viking%202481/65082acd-2803-43a6-b455-e0b80f7712c1/embed

You can still fire and damage the warden during assassination animations. For me, at least 9/10 times warden assassinations get interrupted because they take so long, which balance wise makes sense otherwise everybody would be assassinating wardens

The Warden was killed before the player finished the assassination animation. When he’s assassinated, it takes a few seconds before the kill credit is given, and it’s usually when he’s almost completely collapsed.

The number of participation medals increased in the last update. So the medal only means you participated in the kill. In order for it to count as a comm you need to be alive and doing plenty of damage when he expires. I used the smg to get most of mine. Smg’d Warden

I imagine the other team must have killed him whilst your teammate was performing the assassination so there probably isn’t a bug/fault.

Same thing happened to me but we still pulled the win. I even finished the assassination animation.

Yea when u assassinate him u know when is is going into that black orb? u can still kill him like that idk why if u assassinate him u should get the kill

It’s so fun to assuage him