Hey guys and gals let me just start off by saying that i’d also like to see my idea in the Reach TU and H4. My idea is a new playlist. One day while playing a custom game with a friend of mine in Reach I took some time to observe the backround artwork in the lobby. It looked like the spartans were loosing the war(which they do). Then it hit me. War. Wouldn’t that be a cool playlist. When I asked my buddy what he thought abought the idea he asked how it would work. I thought it should be a playlist filled with 100 people. 2 teams of 50. Maybe one team are Elites and the other Spartans. My buddy then said “wait the servers would probably overload with players maybe instead of 1 host have 4 for every 25 players” I thought that was a great idea(even though i have no clue how they work)I suggested 1 host for every 10 players. We thought it was an awsome idea.

Now before you go ahead say “Hey man thats just a bigger BTB or Invasion” well yeah, but the differrence is that this is a team slayer game, the score limit is 500 kills and EVERYONE has power weapons. Why, well in real warfare wouldn’t you use the best weapons available, besides with power weapons it makes every thing more…explosive.
With the new playlist I think entirely new maps should be made. Not ones from forge world but ones with huge fortresses that if you take over you get turrets, obsticals, and more vehicals.(The two teams start at oppisate sides of map and fight for fortress/structure, whoever claims the fortress gains the edge so its BTB and Invasion combined).
Note: Fortress can be taken over again/reclaimed.

My freind and I thought this was cool and I’d like to hear what the community on Forums thinks. Long responses are welcome. Thanks and if you have any suggestions of how to improve the playlist please tell.

I don’t think the Xbox 360 is powerful enough to keep all 100 people on screen with out lag.

> I don’t think the Xbox 360 is powerful enough to keep all 100 people on screen with out lag.

Ultimately, I am all for a War-type of game, but please consider the numbers your pulling. 4 hosts for every 25 people? They would need a slew of servers simply dedicated to the idea for that idea to work.

While it would be a chance-of-a-lifetime event or playlist… i just cannot imagine anything working. BTB is already chaotic enough without having to worry about a whole brigade worth of players being present for one match.

To Sum Up what You said…First Person Halo Wars.

> To Sum Up what You said…First Person Halo Wars.

No no no… if Cutter was used and all of his infantry were Spartans yes, but we’re talking about all of those units suddenly become spartans, i don’t care what covenant army marches against that base, they will be shot down when they appear on screen… lol. Banshee dust would be the new term for aerial assault vehicles…

HUAH! what is it good for?

100 people? Everyone has power weapons?

Sounds like those typical servers on some PC games where gameplay goes out the door.
Fun, but don’t go looking for match fairness if you’re into that.

Unless it played like Tribes or such.