War zone reqs

So I usually don’t mind as their basic reqs and I’ll just grab another in a few minutes. But sometimes I spawn in an aircraft such as a wasp or banshee. I have lost a total of 23 vehicles to this problem. Not counting the ones I forgot to count count. I spawn in and it kicks me out of the vehicle. If I’m lucky I can get it back. BUT teammates or if I’m playing assault the enemy team, takes it. I’m not sure how I can fix this. But it bothers me as I just used my favorite req, the ultra banshee, and it kicked me out. Just as I was about to get back in, this enemy player hopped in and it was too far gone to hijack. Leaving me in the dust, stunned, angry, and 5 starred. I don’t expect any vehicles in a req pack or anything. I just hope this can be fixed soon. And yes I made sure I’m not clicking the X button to many times.