War zone pve survival waveS, bosses, skulls, REQs

I’d love to see a wave based Co op survival pve war zone. Allow the REQ system to still be utilized so that will help offset the cost of development. They could follow gears of wars horde. Make it 50 waves, every 10th wave has a boss battle. When the boss is defeated have a skull turn on. Throw in sum tower/generator defense stuff to make it really awesome. What does the community think? All my friends agree this would be amazing

I like the idea

You’re far from alone in wanting something like this. But 343 has yet to acknowledge the large amount of people asking for it, despite saying they’d put it in if enough desire was shown for it.

I can see this being a really great addition to the game. There’s no Co op mode of any sort that allows us to use OUR OWN Spartans. Keep the same req system in place as war zone and I guarantee people will continue to buy REQ packs with real money.

I want this.

Cool idea

Yes please ^^

Here’s hoping

Thats actually a pretty good idea. Theres alot of people asking for this. I posted on another pve warzone thread that i found a post on reddit that included a screen shot of the 343 live stream the other day. And the image was different warzone game variants and one included a krakken battle. It could be in test phase. Im already thinking its in the works theyre just keeping it hush hush til they iron out and finalize how the new games will play. Pretty sure we will be able to use reqs.

My only fear is that it’s going to be like Titanfall, where it’ll come too late to recover the loss of user base. Money, where is the link to that?

Here you go. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3tmtwr/new_possible
sorry im at work on my iphone. They way i found it is i googled halo 5 and went to the news section

This would be great.

I like the thought of using the req system for getting weapons but I would prefer to have the classic firefight style rather than reinventing firefight when it comes to how the waves work.

Well lets just keep asking because this would be amazing!!! The req system could really shine here :slight_smile:

I think this would fit in really well with the franchise, definitely something I want to see! Would even pay for it to be added as DLC.

Good find

Would love to see something like this. It’d be quite fun

I’m all for a PVE version of Warzone, especially if we have the ability to make it more difficult.

Ya difficulties would make it even better