War Zone playlist

War zone was just introduced into the halo universe and besides the fact its only got 4 maps, its pretty bad -Yoink-. War zone should get some new game types. The main reason war zone gets so boring so fast isn’t because there is only 4 maps, but that its the same objective every game. They would come out with some new game types just like they did with the war zone assault. An example would be sky wars where both teams spawn in banshees and someone can think of an objecting other then just killing everyone. community could think of some good stuff for war zone game types.

No thanks.

Warzone IS a gametype in the same way slayer is a gametype. Warzone assault isn’t really even traditional warzone, but rather an entirely different gametype that just occurs on the same maps and with the same req system in place. The game mode you just described is so different from warzone that it isn’t even warzone. There’d be no req system aside from upgraded aerial vehicles and the objectives and bosses would somehow have to be integrated around an all-aerial system, which would never work either.

Warzone gets boring because of the lack of map variety, contrary to what you said. People can play slayer for hours and hours and don’t need random CTF thrown in to have fun. It’s the map variety and the different ways each map can potentially play that makes a single gametype tolerable to play for so long at a time.

Yeah i’m pretty bored of it… I don’t even try anymore because I have everything and almost 100,000 req points saved up for no reason at all. LOL