War zone Fire Fight thoughts

I play Fire Fight 90% of the time, in 6 months ive probably played normal MM 3 times, so I am very familiar with the game types.
I have found that many of the matches have become predictable, that after the first or second match, you can know exactly whats coming up next, it doesn’t feel randomized, and if it isn’t it should be (with some restrictions)

I also find that during some of the objectives of kill X unit, you have to kind of guess where they are, but then if you have played enough times, you can know exactly where they are and that can be frustrating because they either spawn on the other side of the map or right on top of you. (was actually killed by a spawning ghost that teleported in)

I have also been wondering, why cant we have marine/rebel enemy? we have them in the War zone assault? so wouldn’t it be fair to have them in Fire Fight?

Something that im sure others have also noticed, is how it appears we cant “board” an enemy craft anymore, i can understand the idea of a boss unit or something, but at the same time, if you can get up on the thing and plant the grenade, why the hell not? maybe it takes 2? or 6?
(if we can board, props to the people that can because i haven’t been able to)

thoughts on this?

I mean it’s kind of the same as players that memorize spawns. When designing a game, Devs do have to repeat a few things to make the game run smoothly. That’s why it’s good to branch out imo

true, but in the case where you have to kill an enemy type (ghosts, grunts etc) why run this way and that way across the map, trying to find something that may not be there?
I understand the devs have to do that, but in regards to the “objectives” there is a pattern and you can predict whats going to happen, and sometimes I can already tell how my team will win or get beat by the AI just from the pattern thats being generated.

example, APEX round one, defend the garage from Prometheans, you are out gunned really quick, no match i have had of that kind, did my team make it (no friends all random)

I’m not sure whats going on with all of you I haven’t played WZFF in a while, I came back and you’re all terrible now I’ve lost ever single game in round 1

get it together people

Sometimes it’s almost necessary to anticipate what’s coming next though. For example, on ARC, if you get “defend the armory” first round, then you’re very likely to get “defend the forerunner core” (I think that’s what it’s called) in round 2, which is about a 20-30 second jog away depending on where you are. If you start your sprint once round 1 is about to conclude then you can increase your chances of beating round 2 greatly.

my mistake, its not defending the armory, its the garage, defending it in round 1 vs the Promethean’s is brutal, you have no power weapons and have to deal with knights, soldiers, crawlers and pathons sp

personally, i think that setup should never happen only because of the difficulty in the number and strength of the enemy, havent had it happen in some time though so MAYBE! they took it out as one?

I have also felt that many of the “bases” dont feel like one, there are no mounted guns anywhere, 99.9% of everything has to be a REQ or salvage from a kill, there should be at least SOME standard vehicles or weapons on the maps, like in the good old Halo days.

any thoughts or comments on the fighting marines?

I hope we can get some more levels or objective types for Fire Fight too.
maybe something kind of like invasion on Reach