War zone bundle broken.

I went ahead with my brother and we both got limited editions with two different xboxs. We both put in the codes we got and neither of us have gotten any of the war zone req bundle packs. We should have 4 now but we have none. We also can’t access our halo fall of reach through the halo store that also came with the limited editions.

We have tried all the solutions like redownloading and such but no avail. Please help 343. Me and my brother would like our packs.

The brother chiming in. Still waiting in word from 343. Just to reiterate. 2 codes from two different limited editions for 2 different accounts for 2 Xbox and they both don’t work.

Same issue here. I got my bundle downloaded at 99% constantly and had not received anything at all.

I too haven’t received my packs for the past two weeks. I’m wondering why I paid to get the Digital Deluxe Edition if it means I get nothing extra with it.

Yeah no kidding. Between me and my brothers we got 2 consoles and 2 limited edtions and all the bells and whistles and we didnt get the stuff. Super lame. And they havent been helpful in the slightest to help us get it all. why should i pay for the special stuff when i dont get the special stuff.