War zone boss time increased after each kill?

While going through the various game modes, I come to like each in their own way. This topic implies to war zone, mainly toward the bosses on the final wave. There have been times where I count the timer (we usually get 24 seconds on average for the final wave off) and found that it is not fair to the game in a way. Now I understand that you would think that I should get a better team together before I say what I am addressing in this topic, but I’m speaking for the random groups that get together that can’t afford to find a fire team. When it comes to the final wave, it would be nice to get a little time increase to take down each boss, rather than rush up to try and complete it. I get the game mode, it is great actually, but I feel at times it IS a little unfair in terms of time management toward the team with time being taken away the moment when the wave starts, not when the bosses spawn and God forbid you got 8 bosses to kill. Maybe it is a complaint or whatever you think of it, but I would like some insight to see if this would be good to actually humor since war zone can get stressful if your with a bad group and you end up doing all the work…literally.

Literally been saying this for ages lol

Due to the stupid respwan times, time is takes to travel the map, time it take for enemies to warp/arrived for each ‘boss’ kill, you get an extra 30 secs, to me, that 1 change would make wzff a lot consistent and fairer.