War Games Weekly "Deposed" impossible?

Correct me if I’m wrong but due to the score only going to 325 isn’t it almost impossible to get 18 kills? It’s highly unlikely you will kill the king at 15 points each time. Considering you will eventually become king and also factoring in bonus points for things like killing sprees and such, I just don’t see how it can be done. Maybe I’m just missing something… but feel free to tell me you’ve done it.

Well 18 straight up regicides would account for a total of 270 point, and that doesn’t factor in bonuses which would likely mount up and of course if you wanted that many regicides you would need to die almost immediately after becoming king. The only thing that I think would work would be to play with a friend and effectively exploit the system by killing each other over and over again and not putting up a fight, which isn’t exactly in the spirit of the game.

Late reply, but I managed to get it somehow without actually achieving the 18 regicides. I read that other people did too.