War Games Pass Armor?

I’ve been looking around, trying to weigh my options between the Limited Edition and just the War Games Pass, and I’ve found a few sources stating that two helmets come with the War Games Pass as well as an emblem. Would anybody be able to tell me what the helmets are? I can’t seem to find anything on what they actually are. =/

ok I have not seen any wargames pass with my LE so I dont see where people are getting this idea. But if you want alot of bang for your buck you should get the LE

The War Games Pass comes with the LE for free, but it’s an alternative method to obtain the DLC for those who don’t want all the extra stuff in the LE.

I hope you mean the Map Pack Pass.

I would get the LE. Best Offer.

The helmets you refer to would be available to either one. The LE and MPP.

They are also just rumored to, not confirmed by 343i.

They are called Strider and Scanner.

Oh, it’s those two? Damn. I keep hoping I could get Recruit. Thanks much!

I would get the Limited Edition.

> Oh, it’s those two? Damn. I keep hoping I could Recruit. Thanks much!

Recruit comes with LE.