War Games Map Pass LE Question.

I got my LE the other night and downloaded all my codes for everything, but no where did I see an individual download code for access to the War Games Map Pass. Can someone tell me how that is going to work?

No one feels like informing me? C’mon guys!

The pass come with the code on the game add-on and marketplace download. If you read what comes with the code it says ‘specializations,skins,emblems,map pk’, so when you type this one in it will download a file and that is your map pk pass as well.

I presume it works the same way gears of war and call of duty did it and that is by downloading it in game.

I got a code for 2000 Microsoft points and had to buy the Map Pass for 2k MSP on the dashboard.

Yeah, the map pack is included in the same code as the rest of the Limited Edition stuff. Don’t worry, you have it!