War Games Map Pack Not Working?

Hey all,
I bought the War Games Map Pass for $24.99 today and downloaded it. I was pumped because I haven’t played halo in a long time and thought this would get rid of the redundancy of playing the same 4 levels each time on team slayer. Unfortunately I’ve tried seeing if any of the maps would show up in team slayer multiple times and I am not seeing any new maps. Am I doing something wrong or are the new maps just not ever used really? Because if this is the case… what was the point of buying the map pack?

I’d appreciate any feedback on this issue.

Good afternoon.

The reason why the new maps are not showing up is because (From the way it sounds), is because at least one player during each game you play does not have the DLC maps. All players playing during a match must have the given DLC maps for them to appear for voting. To increase your odds of this, may I recommend going to the recruiting section of Halo Waypoint and creating a thread to see if you can find other players who have the DLC maps downloaded, and once you have enough, create a party with the people, so you are assured that the DLC maps will appear for matchmaking. Really is no other way around it.

Hope this helps and have a nice day now.

Shouldn’t he only be being matched up to others who have the maps?

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> Shouldn’t he only be being matched up to others who have the maps?

The game tries to do that initially when searching, but because the number of DLC owners are a minority in Halo 4, the game fills the empty lobby spots with non DLC owners in order to start the game. This is how DLC has always worked in Halo games (until most of Halo 3’s playlists were made DLC required).

Due to all the negativity towards Halo 4 (and even Reach), people didn’t buy/never wanted the DLC and just played on the shipped maps. This coupled with the number of players telling others not to buy the DLC makes it so that DLC owners are largely outnumbered by non-DLC owners, making it harder to match a full lobby to play on the DLC maps.