War Games Map Pack and CE

The code that is meant to unlock the War Games Map Pack in my recently acquired CE doesn’t actually give me the War Games Map Pass at all, not even the 100k ish unlock file, it did give me the unlock file for the other items like the early access to specializations etc however.

Googleing seems to show that this was an issue at and for a short while after launch however it does not explain how months later I am having this problem…

Edit: nevermind I completely misinterpreted what you were saying

I’m assuming from your post that you got the Limited Edition game but haven’t been able to download the map packs yet?

You should have received a code for an ‘Infinity Actual Kit’, (check your download history).

This single code includes all of the following:

Armor Set:
•Recruit Armor with Prime skin

Weapon Skin:
•Assault Rifle with Prime skin

•Prime foreground with Limited background

• the equivalent to ‘Priority Specialisation Alpha’: early access to the 6 specialisations (which is no longer worth anything since it was unlocked for everyone anyway)

• the equivalent to the ‘War Games Map Pass’: the Crimson, Majestic and Castle DLC map packs in addition to the following:


•Falcon foreground with Structure background

If you have any of the above items then it must have downloaded properly.

It doesn’t automatically download the map packs though. You still need to download them separately but must access them through the in-game menu, not via the dashboard as you’ll be charged 800msp each for them.

The limited edition game also included 3 separate codes for the following avatar gear:

•Male Recruit Armor
•Female Recruit Armor
•Cryotube Prop

Once you’ve downloaded the War Games Map Pass (which is that small file you downloaded), load up Halo 4 and choose Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

You’ll be offered to download the Crimson, Majestic & Castle DLC free of charge.

There must have been a delay in the activation system someware as I checked it again just now and it all worked as it should :slight_smile: