Wants to join a clan

Hello, I am just a gamer who loves to play games, and while I do go out into matchmaking, its not how it used to be. Halo used to be one of those games where I could enjoy playing with whatever game I wished and find good people to talk to, while still being competitive. Now nobody wants to talk, or remains in parties so I cannot coordinate how I can play the game to make a winning effort.

So now I seek a group who actually wants to play a mix custom games with matchmaking (Not that roleplaying stuff to make bases and such), and just have fun who frequently uses their mics.

Hello, Rune

Are you looking for a community of like-minded gamers where one day you can be competitive, the next pure fun. Or just the one, it’s your call. Then check out Tactical Gaming (TG) created in November 2004. At TW.TGHQ.ORG There you will meet over 2000+ members of Tactical Gaming playing multiple games on multiple platforms as well being international. TG follows a military styled roster, see if you can work your way up the ranks! Don’t worry about having to change your Gamertag to contain TG in it, it’s entirely optional.

Head Quarters: http://www.TacticalGaming.net

About us: http://www.tghq.org/tghq/homepage.php

Why join us: http://tghq.org/tghq/jointg.php

Tactical Warfare Main Page: http://tw.tghq.org

If you register, please reply here stating you have done so.
If you register please reply to me on xbox live if you have any questions or concerns about TG. My GT is Astral PGL.

I think we match your criteria mate. We are more a family than a clan, we have fun in customs (races, games etc…) and we do MM. As there isn’t hundreds of us we all know each other which helps us have more fun.

Take a look at our site :slight_smile: http://clanvaliant.enjin.com/

What if I told you that I can transform that team of 3, no mic, SR2 randoms with a team of hilarious, skilled, chatter boxes?

Would you believe me? I wouldn’t.

But it’s true! Over at Le Tampwn we got a bunch of great stuff:

[/li]- Simple and easy to follow ranking system.

  • A well moderated forums.
  • Inner-community challenges and tournaments.
  • Players that share the same love for Halo as you.
  • Players that love to laugh in the lobby as much as they love to win in-game.

So what’s the catch?

[/li]- We are a mature community so you must be over 17. and…

  • You must have a mic.

Soooooooo what if I made you a deal…

You head over to letampwn.enjin.com or just click Here and enlist, and I’ll personally make sure that NeWbS4uC3 and his 3 guests will never be on your team!

Thistic has a great community, but if you dont like making deals… Check out XFactor Gaming!


XFactor Gaming Community is a multi-gaming community that was created for the sole purpose of bringing like minded gamers together. We are a vast growing community, with strong roots derived from many games.

XFG is a mature and laid back group of individuals. We enjoy relaxing and playing all kinds of games, from First Person Shooters, Tactical and Strategy games, and beyond! At any time, any level, there are many members on XBL playing many different games.

XFactor Gaming holds many Events from Tournaments to personal Challenges. Most of our tournaments are free and some have unique prizes to win. Our Challenges are customized events that challenge members to focus on certain criteria in-game and excel and become the best at it. Do you think you have what it takes?

Also we have many members that love to Forging Halo maps. They make some great new gametypes for us to venture! Are you a Forger? Will you create the next best map for our tournaments? If so come join the fun!

XFactor Gaming has a fully functional website (thanks to our webmasters/mods!) with helpful, friendly and fun Forums! Here, we all have a place to talk about games, share our backgrounds, our experiences, interests, as well as teamwork and tactics. Our site and its forums are the main hub for community communication once you join. Everything you will want and need to know will be here!

As expected there are many points of interest no matter what your background is. We have it all from a Media Team (that creates our montages, podcast, social networking, and many more) to General chat that allows you to find other members out there like you! Once you have registered a username and submitted a community application you will be able to participate in many of XFactor’s small groups and work your way up our very simple ranks.

Well? What do you think? If your sitting there thinking that the above sound interesting, then you would be doing yourself a huge injustice if you did not check out our site! Head over to www.XFGonline.com now! Bring your guns!