Wants and Ideas : IMPORTANT

Hello there!

It’s my first time using waypoints forums and I thought I’d kick it off with what everyones thinking…

“What do I want in Halo 4?”

Well…you know the drill…

Go on! Get imaginative!

"Oh hey man, why is this important?"

I’ll tell you why, 343i will, and i repeat…WILL make awesome Halo games HOWEVER, they need a spark… (insert 343 Guilty Spark joke here) to set them off o their adventures…and that spark…is you…yeah, YOU!

If this is against the forum rules then I apologise. Please feel free to let me know and I’ll inform 'em. Cheers, guys!


If this is your first time using Waypoint I recommend just browsing the numerous forum questions and comments already posted on what we want from Halo 4. There’s literally pages and pages of it.

Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to do that :).