Wanting to start a clan

Now various friends of mine, and I have become quite frustrated by getting thrashed, or forced to dashboard maps against players who are superior to us, and we want to start a clan.

There are two reasons why these people often leave us with little choice other than to leave games, is because of their individual skill but their (sometimes) impressive teamwork…so in the interest of actually doing something as opposed to complaining a friend and I are wanting to start a clan in the hopes of solidifying a combination of teamwork and skill.

So here it is, we do not as yet have a name for the clan and although we do have players of reasonable skill too few are willing to commit to something, and this is why I am here.

The potential structure of the clan and various basic operations can be discussed with any who show interest, all I will say now is this:

I am not the sort of person who thinks that the skill of a single individual is all it takes to win a game, I believe it is the combined teamwork of the collective. With this in mind I would ask anyone who is interested in joining to send me a message over xboxlive answering specifically to this thread, it is important but not entirely necessary that anyone be of reasonable skill as again what is most important is teamwork; communication and an easy going personality (This being quite critical).

However a K/D over 1.0 is preferable any who wish to join that have a K/D less than that should not be discouraged. That being said it is important that a player at least be able to hold their own in a fight.

Hopefully this does not come across as being too serious…

To sum up the basic idea for the clan is teamwork, and improving as gamers, if you are interested feel free to contact me over xbl, my gamertag is the same. I will try to get back to any responses as soon as I can manage.

/massive paragraph/be gentle//

You sound like u have a good idea of what u want. Sounds a lot like what I established Deadly Underground Gaming on (Honor, Respect, Teamwork, and Maturity). We are always looking for new members and potential leaders as we continue to grow. Check us out on our site and have your friends look it over too. We are currently building our division for the Halo Franchise focusing on Halo 4 when it releases, but will play on reach if there is enough interest. Feel free to post comments/questions in the forums under “questions about the community”.

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