Wanting to Compete Again

Hey guys the title says it all, I’ve been playing Halo for roughly 9 years and in my 9 years I’ve competed at a few LAN tournaments in that time. Sometime during Reach my play time on the series began to decline, it surged a bit in Halo 4 then dropped off again for a couple of years. Around a year and a half ago maybe two years, I got back into Halo when I got an Xbox with the MCC, of course the MCC featured games I hadn’t played in years so I got smashed, like bad.

Now I want to get back into competing again, but I’m so far out of practice that I need help. If you have the MCC, or Halo 5 and wanna play some custom games to help me get my shot back among other things I would be super appreciative. I’m not just looking to find people to help me train, but people to also play Matchmaking with who will keep me on top of my game and have fun with while we’re at it.