Wanted to know your opinions on Nades.

My good friend seems to suddenly HATE grenades for the life of him; more specifically frags. Now I believe this has spawned from is now noticed encounters with grenade spam initiated by entire teams at once (something that even I loath at times). But I disagree with him that they shouldn’t be in the game.

Now as it were he likes Plasma Nades- in support that they have a seemingly smaller/weaker blast radius and that their purpose (to stick enemies) is far more ‘skilled’ that just throwing a frag. The way he sees it, Halo is all about gunfights between individuals or teams, and that they should be little more and nothing less (this obviously excludes vehicle based BTB/Invasion situations). To him Frags should only be used to rip off shields or finish off a already bullet pumped foe. Of course while he ideally sees frags as something to be removed entirely he realizes that that is a ridiculous demand. He instead believes players should only spawn w/ one frag (if ANY) and that players should only be able to carry one of each type of grenade.

(His shorthand/generalized reasons for this) He sees Frags as
-A all around cheap way to get kills
-Mindlessly overused by the majority of players
-Over Powered
-hazardous to you and your own team

Now I however like grenades in general and even miss H3’s Spike and FireBomb grenades.
No I do NOT see grenades as a skilled way to kill enemies- first and foremost they are probably a good too for begginers and CAN be learned to use extremely well. Maybe frags have a slightly too large a blast radius, or are slightly too strang to have said radius, idk- but I like them. What I probably hate just about as much if not slightly more in games is very weak (aka pointless) frags coughBattlFieldcough

To me frags are/can be
-A nifty tool for begginers
-A deadly weapon in the hands of the thoughtful/skilled
-A Danger in the hands of the stupid
-A weapon that can potentially instantly punish/kill said stupid players

Anyhow I was just wondering what your opinions are. Do you agree with my freind that frags are limited and should be removed altogether or at least as a spawning option- Do you agree with me that they are just fine and maybe could use some tweaks here and there if anything- OR do you think we should only be permitted to spawn with 1 and hold only 1 of each grenade type?

reach frag grenades are a big pain in the -Yoink-, because they’re so powerful and so easy to use people spam them at the first sight of an enemy because they’re more likely then not going to get a kill out of that big spam fest.

halo 4 grenades are looking to be weaker and more bouncier then reach but not as bouncy as halo 3s were which is 100x better then reach.

> halo 4 grenades are looking to be weaker and more bouncier then reach but not as bouncy as halo 3s were which is 100x better then reach.

See I’m fine w/ updates and tweaks in future iterations, but to me removal is absurd.

One of the good things that came from Reach was that it showed everyone how powerful grenades shouldn’t be. I personally think that we need something between Halo 3’s grenades and Reach’s grenades. Halo 3’s grenades were way too weak in my opinion.

Also, I support the idea of making plasma grenades a little weaker in terms of blast radius and blast power. They should only kill someone if they gave been stuck, or are standing, say, 6 inches from it.

> > halo 4 grenades are looking to be weaker and more bouncier then reach but not as bouncy as halo 3s were which is 100x better then reach.
> See I’m fine w/ updates and tweaks in future iterations, but to me removal is absurd.

of course it is, grenades a core part of the game, they can’t be removed.

From what I’ve heard you can’t pick up grenades from dead bodies, only from drop zones or something like that. You gotta have that resupply armor mod, ability, specialization, whichever one it is.

I’ve always wished that people would only spawn with one grenade. It would even things out a bit, but Halo 4 grenades don’t look ridiculously overpowered like Reach grenades.

They blow up and hurt things.

The Frag grenade should probably be toned down a bit. Their Reach counterparts were far too powerful.

In Reach, nades should be removed from spawn, and be picked up through spawns on the map, because I agree with your friend that they’re ridiculous. But I don’t think they’ll be as big of an issue in Halo 4. Man, this discussion brings back memories of the handheld nukes in the Halo Reach beta…

halo 3 had the best frags they always seemed to bounce just right and ruin the shields of my enemies the reach grenades never want to bounce the way i need them to which normally has it land too far from enemies to do any good damage

I love nades.

> > I don’t know if any other players have noticed this; me and my buddy just recently did, but no matter what playlist, and no matter who you’re playing against, grenade spam is always there. And I’m tired of it. I’m tired of having my health taken out by grenades that stop right under my feet, and blow up without any delay at all (which is stupid, there needs to be a delay).
> >
> > One of the major things I notice about Call of Duty that separates the gameplay from halo, is that people don’t rely on grenades to kill people.
> >
> > Please, 343, fix this somehow. Make players not spawn with grenades, I don’t know. But I can’t take anymore of the constant damn explosions from stupid noobs running around hardly ever having to shoot, yet still getting a lot of kills from grenades.
> Next time you die by a grenade and feel tempted to throw the words “grenade spammer!” down the microphone, through the internet, and out other people’s speakers at a blazing volume, stop, and think. You might realise you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. What I mean by this is that grenades aren’t unavoidable. That’s right, I just said Reach’s grenades can be dodged. I know, it’s a rather contrary statement to popular belief, but let me reassure you, it’s true! You just need to be in the right place at the right time!
> At the start of a match, on most maps, you’ll encounter what is known as prediction nades. Players often lob their grenades at important positions, such as power weapon or powerup spawns, because they think that other players will go there, because they’re important, and everyone wants important things. They’re often correct too. To an unsuspecting player these predication nades may seem like lucky “spam” kills, and infuriate them so much that they feel compelled to right angry rants on www.forums.halo.xbox.com about “nade spam”. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. However, it’s not warranted because it can be avoided, and I’ll tell you how in a minute, but also because the term “nade spam” is derogatory, and implies grenades are being mindlessly thrown around every corner. They’re not.
> So, how do you avoid prediction nades? First you must know how one predicts something, and that is done by analysing relevant data from the past, and finding a pattern. My memory is fuzzy on Reach, so I’ll use Halo 3 as an example, and Halo 3 offers an excellent example. When playing The Pit in a Team Slayer variant players have observed that other players instantly push for the Rocket Launcher and Active Camo powerup at the start of the match, so in future games they predict a similar behaviour and throw a nade in those directions. It’s smart playing, you must admit.
> Now since we know the principle behind the action, we can avoid it. At least, we can try. Go ahead and guess a solution to avoiding prediction nades. No, it’s not “nerfing” them to kingdom-come. No, it’s not removing grenades from the game. No-ah, yes, it is playing contrary to the prediction! It’s remarkable easy to do, and can often be accomplished by just delaying your push, or finding an alternative, less used route to your objective. Surprise your opponent! Be unpredictable!
> The other offensive use of grenades is when a player throws a grenade at your feet during a firefight. These are a bit harder to avoid, and sometimes impossible, just as it is sometimes impossible to avoid being killed by a rocket launcher. There are things you can do to minimise your chances of being killed though. Backing away from your intended destination when you see him taking the pin out of a nade is a good one, as he’ll be throwing it where he thinks you want to go, not where you are! Placing yourself in bad places is an excellent idea too. Well, bad for the nades, but good for you! An example of such a place is on the thin walkway on Countdown. It’s extremely tricky to deal any damage on a player with nades whilst he’s there, because such places leave you with many movement options to run from the nade, and because it’s hard to place a nade in that area in the first place.
> A place you don’t want to be in when your opponent is nade-happy are places that restrict your movement, such as sections of the map that forces CQC engagements, like the lift tubes on the formerly mentioned map.
> There are times when being aware of your opponents location and mentality greatly increases your chances of avoiding nades too. If you know someone’s around the corner, and you know they think you’re around the corner too (from their perspective of course), you can be quite certain they’ll throw a nade at the corner, or try and bounce it around the corner. Back up, and don’t push till you think he’s run out. Whilst you’re waiting feel free to throw some of your nades too!
> Play smart, and being killed by nades won’t be so infuriating, because it won’t happen too often, and when it does you’ll know you deserved it. That’s part of the reason I like the grenade, it forces a more strategic, smart playstyle, but also because it’s fun blowing things up.

i like how they implemented spawning with only a single frag. Too many players overused the frags and they turned holding down a small area into a near impossible task. It seems like 343i is stripping Halo 4 down to mostly gun play and that is exactly what I wanted.

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