WANTED: One Competitive HCS Member

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Highest Rank and Caliber the UNSC has to offer! I am Commander NightShadow and I need ONE member to fill a spot on our 2016 HCS competitive team! One you might ask? Thats right, we only have room for one more squad member! If you are interested in competing with the best of the best make sure to leave a comment or message me.

*Can only Join if active and have a constant KDR over 1.2
*Here to have fun, but also very serious about going to HCS
*For faster team updates follow me on twitter! (link below)

Current team: Me(NightShadow1001), ChronicW01f and ArchfiendReaper

I’m down, what’s the next step?

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> I’m down, what’s the next step?

Awesome, I just sent you a message with some more info! Fastest way to get a hold of me is my twitter, link is on my company page!

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> > 2535411681592488;4:
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Hit me up. GT: KSI Icarius

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> Hit me up. GT: KSI Icarius

Okay great! Can’t wait to see you at 8pm PST