Are you looking for friends, a good team, or just to get away from those standstills and completly useless team members? Then the Hornets Clan may be just right for you! The Hornets, is looking to have more of a member-base. We have a map and game mode, we have dubbed The Trial to test all new recruits on. Click the link and it will take you to the page to tell you about “The Trial” where you can see multiple high-res photos of the map, and a short description of what you have to do!

If you would like to have more info about the current members click HERE. On this page you can navigate the various profiles of members and see a photo of them, their emblem, spartan, and their current rank!

Our website to www.hornetsclan.com/ We hope to hear from you soon!
The best thing about our clan, you don’t have to change your gamertag, just your emblem!
We will tell you emblem colors available if/when you become a member.

-Will, Website Admin