Wanted: 3-18 decent human beings, who play halo.

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By decent human beings I mean any gender, age race or otherwise, ANYONE who:
-knows how to play the game to some degree
-Doesn’t betray teamates or otherwise sabatoge our team
-Wants to win but doesn’t scream at teamates who are having a bad game
I just want to play matchmaking with some cool people really. None of my friends have this game. I’ve played every single halo game. That is not to say I’m all that great at it…I’m not. I’m probably about average. I do however really enjoy playing. It doesn’t seem like it would be this hard to find a decent group, but there are (since halo 2) a TON of idiot jerks in the haloverse.
I usually play anywhere from 11pm eastern til early morning.
If you speak this language and know how to use a mic great, if not thats cool too.
Just don’t be an -Yoink-.Rob