Want to play for a TS 50 quest? =)

Hi everyone, just wanted to play Halo 3 again like old times with my new account and try to get a 50. That’s sad I loose so many games due to deranks, quitters etc … Why so many people are 50 with like 100 games played (like Lieutenant)? Why so many people quit and have like a 50 skill and less than 10 EXP? Is the Banhammer still online? I don’t understand why so many people are still able to play with all those quits. I just want to get my 50 and play for several month on Halo 3 and 4 … Does anybody wants to help me reach this 50? I know I’m not as good as before (I never said I was too good) and of course I know that I don’t have mic so nobody won’t wants to play with me in that way but if sometimes you want to help a true Halo fan to get his 50 back by playing for fun and no trash talk, please hit me up.

I reached lvl.46 and I’m now 45 in Team Slayer, I just want a 50, it’s that simple. Any invicible Spartan teams over there? MLG Pros? Come on … Show you, and come get a little help for an old Halo player … ^^

Seriously … I want to give Halo 3 a last tribute by keeping it alive for that quest.

5 levels to go.