Want to make consumers happy 343 [Read here]

So I know Halo MCC is basically broken and many people are complaining (including me), but to appease us loyal fans who were promised a “only on xbox” “amazing experience” you should remake more halo 2 maps as dlc. And get this, you should make it for free. Because you have basically robbed us of 60$ and given us some alpha version of the “next gen” halo and we deserve better, so make it better. Fix the bugs and make free dlc for your fans because just fixing the bugs is not enough any more. We deserve better from a company that holds the biggest xbox exclusive in it’s hands. Fixing the bugs will not get you on good terms with some people. Free dlc for an apology will get you on good terms with most. As a Halo fan from Halo CE till now I ask you to get your -Yoink- together and quit -Yoinking!- up my childhood.