Want To Join My Spartan Company??

Hi Michael A171 one of the lieutenants for, The Inheritors, a MCC and soon to be Halo 5 clan and we are looking for new members, we are just getting started, but the members we do have are very good leaders, and have all held leadership in some major clan throughout halo history. We need more members that are big Halo fan and love Halo as much as we do. We are comprised of 4 divisions which are…
-ODSTs: The base branch were everyone starts out, were we weed-out the week.
-Spartan IVs: Advanced soldier, if you show potential you will be conscripted into the Spartan IVs.
-Spartan IIIs: The elite. classes are done ever six months.
Contact Michael A171 or HH Jonah SIII if you are interested in joining!