Want to join a spartan company for casual gamers?

Hello, my name is FeverishCube960 (I know, I need to change it again!), if you are looking for a spartan company that isn’t going to pressure or force everyone into winning all the time join Goonsquad. We are a casual gaming spartan company and are looking for like-minded individuals. Our goal is to…get ready… HAVE FUN! There is absolutely no requirements to join :). All I ask is that you send an invite and tell me a little about yourself. Microphones aren’t required, so if you aren’t a talker, don’t sweat it! So what are you waiting for? Enlist at Goonsquad!
Spartan Company name: GoonSquad

Joining this spartan company may promote symptoms such as never ending fun, continuous Euphoria, and a very relaxing environment, please be advised.