want to join a large halo 4 war community

Hello I am here to ask if you would like to join a halo gaming community called forerunner conflict.
Basically its full of fun respectful players like myself who play a huge red vs blue battle every sunday night.
Trust me its epic.
We mainly only play custom games and are all generally friends.

You can decide to join red which is known as the empire or blue which is known as the brotherhood.
Please note I am not the leader of this community I am merely just a very enthusiastic member.

Once you join you will be placed in a squad where you can make tons of friends to play all sorts of custom and matchmaking games with.
If you want social this is the place.
You see every battle night we all bond in some way or another.
Just imagine there is one minute on the clock and as you rush to throw the ball or jump into the hill your entire squad is there fighting and cheering for you vice versa.
Although real life comes first we all take battle night some what serious.

If you want some epic halo moments then battle night is for you.
If you want to hear more visit here http://fcwars.net/

If you decide to join tell em killuagonx6 sent ya;)