Want to enhance your multiplayer experience?

Then get out of your party chat and talk up your teammates.

I think one fundamental problem more modern gamers have is the isolation of Party Chat features. We’re antisocial in the MULTIPLAYER TEAM game we’re playing, because we have our friends on the other line. Which, granted, it’s fun to talk to your friends.

But all the same, I think a big element ‘missing’ in modern FPS experiences including Reach and 4 that lead people to dislike the multiplayer aspect of the game, is open mic chat. Do you know where my best experiences came from on 2 and 3? (And no, before you go look at my stats to stat-flame, this is not my original account)

My best experience came from times where I felt immersed in the game because I was chatting with people I didn’t even know, making 15-minute friends that worked with me to win. Skill? Yes, it’s quite relevant. Communication? Also relevant. It can turn a team of randoms into 15-minute superstars if the team would just turn on their mics and communicate.

A lot of people may scoff at this concept, but I urge you- give it a try. This is what made XBL enjoyable on multiplayer games such as Halo as much as the competitive element, and I stand by that. If we can encourage people to leave the party chats, plug in the mics, and just talk, I can almost, ALMOST guarantee many of you will start to enjoy the multiplayer better.

Just give it a try and urge everybody else. :wink:

Yes, I agree. But I’ve gotten used to muting my mic in games after Reach as now there are way too many people who play muted, as well as much annoying people, trolls, and very aggressive overreacting trash-talkers in the lobbies.

Sometimes it is just awesome to talk to randoms for a game though, and actually work together as a team to win :slight_smile: -But this doesn’t happen too often as most don’t chat in-game.

I completely agree. The ability to party and private chat ruined the above aspect. Sometimes though, you can make allies as enemies, unfortunately.

I have been saying that party chat ruined xbox live since the day it came out. Games use to be fun with all your friends and even hearing the talking and teasing of the other team. Now everyone is in party chat and it sucked a lot of the fun out of xbox live. Wish party chat never came out. Oh well:(

The reason why Party Chat exists is because of the extremely negative attitudes and reactions from several players, particularly those who like to label themselves as “competitive”. Also including other types of people you’d prefer to avoid. Like little kids, and Dudebros.

I see no reason why we must have party chat in matchmaking when the mute button works just fine for those ‘pecuiliar’ examples though. Yes, those people exist and I have no problem admitting I mute them too, but the vast majority of players would be perfectly fine to chat with while you play.

In Halo Reach’s twilight days I hopped into the “MLG” playlist just to see how it differed from the main game. Me? I’m no pro, certainly not. I teeter between a positive and negative K/D all the time, though usually hold positive. So I’m a very hit-and-miss player depending on the gametype and the day. Well, that MLG playlist kicked my butt the first couple games.

But come the third game, when I was having a bit of trouble getting started, this other guy just started calling out to me and giving me a couple tips on the map we were on and where the team was. I started to talk right back, and despite this guy being an obvious competitive player, we all had a blast and they felt like I really improved by the end of the game. We all stuck together for another few games before headin’ out.

In another example, in Halo 4 I hopped into CTF one weekend. Found a guy with his mic on, we started talking and working out what to do- we didn’t lose a single game out of the 10 or so we must’ve played, despite being complete randoms to one another. We eventually got two others to hop on the mics as well.

I think the agency for making mic communication an integral part of Multiplayer still exists, we all just need to do our part and actually try it.

One day we’ll have a mics-only play list… One day.

There is way to many players chating inanely, off topic, have crappy mics with annoying feedback or music plying in the background.
I’ll stick with what I am doing

I love party chat when playing Madden or Skyrim, but I just wish games would disable party chat (I think COD does with some playlist).

If I didnt despise the PS3 controller and had more friends who owned a PS3 then I would play all 3rd party multiplayer games over there. Ive played Uncharted, Killzone, and COD MW2 on the PS3 and at least half the people had mics at all times. Now you are lucky to even get one person to have theirs and half the time its some unhelpful fellow.

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BTW OP I agree with you. I actually do not even have fun unless I get useful people with mics. All my friends quit playing months ago and I sometimes go back like an abused wife to her husband.