Want some casual Brothers In Arms?

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Hello Halo 4 peeps and players. I’am recruiting for my clan, We are a small-ish group of fun loveing people. Our goal for this clan is to have a crap ton of fun and to meet amazing people while improveing our teamwork and effectiveness. I will be honest as many people may not be. We may not the best clan or even great,but our goal is to strive for that greatness,something impossible without teamwork unity and friends to enjoy everything with. Something else special about this thing of ours is its a no uniform clan only thing getting changed would be the emblem and Tag. We are not strict but we maintain order. And if you seem dedicated or hang around long enough you get a nickname based around a couple aspects of your personality. We also have taco nights and like to sing bad karaoke. If I have your attention,Just message me back and we shall discuss everything further. p.s You don’t have to change your gamertag either. :slight_smile: