Want people to play with

We’ve all seen it; on others’ posts here on waypoint and even our own friends lists- most of us have friends who didn’t buy or gave up on Halo 5, and sometimes just don’t have anyone online to play with. If anybody else is in the same boat and wants to play some arena, BTB, warzone, SWAT, or whatever with other players that talk, hit me up, and anybody else that replies to this thread that’s up for it. As long as you’re not a jerk and you don’t blast music through your headset, I’d like to play with some of ya. GT is my username. I’m in East Coast US, just to give you some idea of generally what times I’ll be online.

East coast as well I play Warzone alot. my GT is the same, if we can get a big group warzone would be ideal.

I’m east coast too, NY, but I only play Warzone and BTB. Add me!

Alright, I just went ahead and added both of you. Don’t forget to add back and don’t be afraid to message me if you see me on!

interested in joining a clan called DIVINE FORCE we will love to have you in our ranks hmu GT DF 0VERL0RD

If anyone needs my help of beating the Campaign on Legendary invite me

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> interested in joining a clan called DIVINE FORCE we will love to have you in our ranks hmu GT DF 0VERL0RD

Sorry bud, not interested in joining any clans, just want some peeps to socialize with.

I’m also on the east coast in PA. I love playing war zone and I also need more friends who play Halo. Gamer tag same as username.

east coast in VA, around even k/d and under player. not great at it but just a halo fan and enjoy playing and most of my friends have moved on to CoD. love playing Breakout, gold ranking. GT same as username

Would love to have some new people to play with. I live on the east coast as well and I play Big Team and Warzone a lot but I’ll forging like mad when that finally drops, but play mostly at night , but feel free to add me any time if you need an extra body for bigger teams or if you wanna talk forge.GT SARGE54125

Just added both of you. Hope to see you online sometime :slight_smile:

Add me dude. Need people to game with!

I will be on tonight in a couple of hours. My GT is MELTINGFACE.
It would be great to find and play w some of you guys. I need to find a consistent core of friends that love to play this game and want to improve.
I would greatly appreciate it if you added me guys! Hit me up when you see me on!

BTW i am interested in joining a Spartan Company or a Clan as well. Send me a PM or add me. Hopefully i will see some of you soon
I live in the midwest (CST)

Add me… Gamertag: A7eh

Feel free to add me guys, looking for a group as well and I’m from the east coast. I prefer arena and competitive (vs casual) but if it’s fun and we win some that’s great ha.

Join up in my party. We’re doing customs right no to practice but we’ll end up doing arena in a bit.

Hey, I play a lot of Warzone and Swat. I’m pretty good with anything (other than snipers). Would love to squad up.

I’m looking for people to play with too. I’m not too good at this Halo but anybody feel free to add me: BxR Eagle V2

East coast Fl I mainly play swat add me I switch up game modes aswell just prefer Swat