WANT a free trip to MLG Finals ?

I knew you did! do you have what it takes to take on T-Squared and my friend Chig? This is a new site that is looking for sponsorships to MLG events. This E-Mail was sent to me by the CEO.

"Hi there,

My site is looking for a team to sponsor for the up coming MLG Providence Halor:Reach event. To pick, we are hosting a tournament starting Saturday October 29th at 4pm ET. The winning team will receive a one time sponsorship to MLG Providence.

Including: (Total Package: $1,200.00)

  • Team Pass
    If you have a team pass already we will reimburse you for the pass.
  • 4 Jerseys with gamer tag, team name, and logo (Brought to you by LanPro)
  • 1 Polo shirt for Coach with gamer tag
  • $500 Cash

If you are interested please go to the following web address where the tournament will be held.


If you have any questions let me know and I will be happy to answer them.


Michael “Miraged”
Contender Gaming, LLC"

If you join please let him know I sent you just for reference there is no contest so if you forget I won’t be upset.
my GT: FullThr0ttle21
He would Like to compete with Gamebattles and is willing to put in the investment in the players.


not to troll here but, isin’t MLG that thing were people are tryhards and have stupid GT’s like xXxEpiCSiPerZ1337Pro696969XXX


lol the Little kids that think they are good yes that true and your going to get that in any toruny web sight. you make a good point, but at the higher levels the guys are cool are fairly professional. I can post the finals video if you wanna see some MLG in action.