Hi I’m Maxx and I’ve been looking for some people to play halo 5 with I have content to over 45 forged maps and many more coming sadly I have no group of people to with though so I’ve made this forum to look for people who want to have fun, fast, and competitive games with I’m not only looking for skill but people who want to play with other people and have a great time also if you have found this post i hope you consider leaving a comment or your gamer tag below so I’m looking for 15-22 people if there is more than that’s great everyone’s opinion is looked at ( have a mic it’s ok if you don’t have one though) when playing game type and or map if I you have other maps that you’ve uptaned from download or forge please share with me if I’m not their then someone else can lead the group or party when you play again everybody is welcome levels 1-152 I don’t have a schedule when we play so it could be anytime I’m (MST NORTH AMERICA) also we play warzone and arena to so if you don’t to play custom games that’s cool again everyone’s opinions are viewed if you want to be in my Spartan company if you aren’t already in one its (cypher company) my gamertag is flyDA MAXX.
So you can send me a message or add me as a friend also if this group has any forging skill I’m making a YouTube channel so I will share maps you have made also gameplay for custom games we play so if you want a group of people to play halo come here to this post and leave a comment or your name if we do this on YouTube our first video for my soon channel will be March 9th so if you find this post hope you consider joining I need somebody to play halo with my friends all play black ops 3 so they are brutal but again looking to play halo with other people here’s the post to sign up hope you have a good day.