Wanna make Halo great again?

I see many people saying, “343i ruined Halo! Make it great again!” But seldom do I hear them actually give constructive criticism. There are a few, but a lot of people say Evolve, or make it competitive! That really is vague.

Here is my opinion on Halo and how to make it great. Multiplayer people, you don’t take the front seat here. Neither do Forge, Customs, Theater, or Campaign people. I hear many people talk about balance in multiplayer, but to make a good Halo game you have to balance out each of the communities as well. What makes Halo, Halo? Variety. It isn’t the Golden Triangle, that’s what makes Halo Multiplayer. The variety that I can earn my Fifty, go play Skycastle with my friends, hop onto Action Sack for some stupid fun, go play the Opening Mission of Campaign, then go into Forge, make a cool map, take a video in Theater along with screenshots and upload it to Forgehub to get my map out there. Which game did this best? None of them. Halo CE and Halo 2, while fun, didn’t have as much variety. It was either Campaign or Multiplayer. Great games. Halo 3 and Reach are tied at the best, Halo 3 was lacking in some areas and so was Reach.

How do you make Forge better? Forge was lackluster in Halo 4, partly because of Hardware limitations. Hopefully with the NextBox it’ll be a lot better.
-Ask communities like Community Cartographers and Forgehub. These are expert forgers, they know the ins and outs of the system and how to use it to their advantage. They are the ones you should consult on both level design and on how the Forge should be.
-Implement features for everyone. Give Machinima a say in things. They know what is best for the Halo Filmakers.
-Keep doing things like what you did with Forge Island. Those are some good ideas you had going on there.
-Don’t rehash items. Keep the items you have, and double it with completely new items. Increase the budget. This shouldn’t be hard for Next Gen systems.

Campaign in Halo 4 was great! It was a step in a great direction. Like the rest of the game though, there were a few things that were lackluster.
-Explain things better. I read all the novels and got tired explaining what the hell was going on in the campaign because Jul was never explained, the Storm were never explained, Didact isn’t fully explained until Silentium from what I’ve heard. Tell us these things!
-Don’t make the Campaign and Terminals separate.
-Don’t make the whole story about Chief and Cortana. I liked how the previous games showed corruption in the Covenant, and helped flesh out other characters. Though Chief and Cortana’s story was amazing, I never felt connected to any other characters. (And the Didact didn’t seem like a tragic hero, you guys potrayed him as downright evil.)
-Don’t make Cliche badguys. Make them do -Yoink!-. Don’t make them tell you every bit about their diabolical plan, make them do it and hit the character with surprise. I wanna be, holy -Yoink-! He just took out half a continent while I kept -Yoink- around thinking he just hated me!
-Please make more easter eggs. Make me want to explore and have an adventure on the map!
-Don’t make it linear. I want multiple ways to do things. In fact, make it more variable than Bungie’s campaign. (Can’t be too hard) I want to take out the AA Wraith quicker so I can have more Air support when I get into the Scarab battle, verus letting it take out my Hornets on my side while I mess around and then having no team to help me fight against a Scarab.
-Make me want to do it over and over again.

Custom Games
Custom Games are a great way to test something you made, or just have fun with your friends.
-Add more options for Machinima.
-Add more options to tweak gameplay, perhaps even add the ability to customize each individual weapon?
-Bring back all the removed gametypes!! This is a huge one!
-Make sure most bugs are fixed before shipping, mkay?

-Talk to the Machinima community and the Screenshot community. They know how this works better than most of you guys do. (No offense there, I’ve just seen some awesome stuff that I’m not sure was possible before then)
-Add more options to tweak the way the film plays. Possibly add filters? (Damn right I went there!)
-Add the ability for Spectator mode. Lots of people have been wanting this, so why not?
-Add party watch again.
-Add the ability to directly share a film clip to YouTube.

The big one. The one that if I don’t watch what I say, I’ll get hit in a drive by. This is the most controversial in terms of what it should be like. I can say, separate Casual and Competitive communities. I have honestly lost faith in them ever getting along with each other even if pot and booze were involved. How do we do this?
-Ranked and Social. Bring it back. Social is for the casual community, the get in, play, and go. The ones who want a quick game, or a stupid fun game of Action Sack or Grifball. Ranked is for the competitive players. The arena stars.
-Get the MLG community to decide how the game is run for Ranked. Design Causal around your idea of matchmaking. Both sides get what they want.
-The game must revolve around balance. A Utility weapon serves Close, Mid, and Long. It does these ranges good. A skilled player can do great with them. Then there are niche weapons. Long Range, DMR, great at hitting targets accurately at long range, but Mid-Range it requires a skilled player to use it easily. Short range is nearly impossible. Close range, AR, kills quick close in, and a skilled player can do well in mid range by burst firing.
-Variety of playlists.
-Something for everyone.
-Skill gap.
-Ranking system that uses trueskill.

These are just my 2 cents on how to make Halo great again. If you have other ideas then post below in the comments. 343i needs to take ideas from each community to benefit the game.

You forgot campaign/spops theater and scoring.

The sad part is that this is all great advice, but 343i won’t listen. They don’t listen to anything the community wants, and don’t even care about the feedback people leave on their own forums.

> The sad part is that this is all great advice, but 343i won’t listen. They don’t listen to anything the community wants, and don’t even care about the feedback people leave on their own forums.

They do. But they listen to it more for in the feedback area. And it’d help if there wasn’t so many threads of the same topic about DMR’s, BR’s, Boltshots. Anything really being unfair.

-Remove aim assist, remove hit scan.

There, you now have a skill gap.

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