Wanna join a halo clan for laughs? join the team!!

Hey y’all, wanna join a retarded halo clan, to make yourself feel better about your self confidence or just as a person in general? join our AWESOME CLAN!!! :smiley:
We are all about just purely having fun in halo 5 and to make new friends in the process!
We do make some some what offensive jokes incase if you were some sort of NARK or something!
[ Nark
(nark can also be spelled narc or narq)
1: To be a nark is to be someone that will report any misbehaving to a higher authority like the police, parents and teachers. ]

Remember, our jokes are just out of pure fun!!! AND WE DONT MEAN IT PERSONALLY, JUST OUT OF PURE FUN!!!

please we are desperate :smiley: