Walmart Preorder Bonus any update

i am sorry if someone else has recently asked this but i pre ordered halo infinite from walmart it arrived last week. i called them numerous times explaining that the pre order bonus dlc has never been emailed to me and from what i can tell on these forums and reddit no one has gotten theirs either. i wanted to ask does anyone know what is going on with this as walmart is hopeless to speak with and on halo support it only seems to want tickets about bugs. if anyone has an update about this i would greatly appreciate knowing it. thanks


You shouldn’t preorder anything. it rewards stupidity and horrible content. Sorry I know this wasn’t addressing your issue, I hope it gets resolved as you deserve the bonus DLC as promised.

I would find your receipt wherever it might be, however it is as given to you, and stay in contact with customer service.

You could always reach out to 343 or Microsoft customer service as well.

Little side advice, GameStop might be able to print you out a preorder bonus (I know it’s not the one you’re after). I used to go in a few weeks after a game release and ask for certain preorder codes, they’d usually make me buy something like a used game or piece of gear, but I’d walk out with a receipt full of preorder codes lol.

Not sure if this is still done, but it might be worth a try.

I’m in the same boat! It’s been over a week. Frustrating.

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Im in the same boat as you. There staff so far has been useless and they are giving different answers each time.

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to my surprise if you get a zeta armor with weapon code from gamestop it gives you the zeta armor, the assault rifle and the sidekick skins. So i wanted to let everyone still know that never heard back or got their pre order bonus from Walmart like myself you can get the sidekick from gamestop. if you buy the game on their site wait until it is mailed then open a chat with a rep and ask about the armor code they have a few hundred left the rep told me so this way you will get the sidekick skin that walmart has never come through on. Hope this helps fellow players happy holidays.

Thanks but thats too much effort since I already own the games. I dont want to have to buy it again from GAMESTOP, return it all to just get a code we are already owed.

343, Microsoft you and your partner retailers are the WORST every HALO generation theres always issues with missing codes or codes not working properly…

HORRIBLE execution for your promotional Halo codes!!!