Wallhackers/ Aimbot cheaters

I went 19-4 on swat last night, I have no doubt that I was called a cheater the whole match.


I should not have to do an assignment to report a cheater. I first have to get a good clip or two in theatre with outlines on. Then upload it to Xbox network. Download it to my laptop. Trim the clip. Write a full description and details. It’s like a small college assignment!!!

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Well you’re not, I promise you will not receive a grade if you report your clips to the support link.

Oh not saying it isn’t convoluted, not suggesting it’s a walk in the park, but if you’re not going to do anything about the potential suspicious players you come across, then it’s really not worth complaining about the problem in the first place.

Also, don’t necropost.

Are you a mod?
Still waiting on that report button

Am I?

You and me both friend.

I’m done with cheaters. I worked my -Yoink!- off to get top 200 in both open and soloq on xbox, and I keep losing rank from ppl walling and just snapping on with commando now. 343 add the anti cheat already because the cheaters are getting out of hand to the point all will be like I’m not cheating just that good and it’s bs.


Was 2034 and then ran into cheaters grouped in soloq 10 matches in a row and now im 1955 awesome job releasing a game thats free without anything to stop cheaters from coming in the game :v:
Before im told they arent cheating i checked their povs to humor myself and it’s obvious if youve been playing at high level of play for years

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Share it with the class?

Any time I 4 shot someone; I get upset with myself.

There are plenty of times where I should be four shotting someone and don’t. Usually when I actually 4 shot someone, my aim is visually off, but the games broken so it doesn’t matter. Tool tip says “Aim where they’re going to be” but based off my experience to date; “shoot where they were, server doesn’t know where they actually are.”

I don’t know if all of it is wall hacks or if some of it is also lag or desync issues.