Wall running for halo 6? Future perk?

I thought about it and so have a few other people… but I also thought about the others that would say “ohh they copied Titan Fall”. I mean it’s not really needed but what if you can use a perk that allows you to do so? It would definitely make the gameplay a bit more interesting and be able to transverse through maps differently. I’m think the gameplay mechanics are already good enough so I’m good without it. What are your thoughts?

Please no, I would most likely be done with halo if that happened. I’m tired of all these shooters having wall running and personally I think that would be a bad look for halo I like it the way it is now nothing more nothing less.

Perks in halo that doesn’t sound like halo to me

There are plenty of active wish list threads available right now, feel free to use on of those to share your ideas