Walking in place lag...

Anyone getting the walking in place lag? I have no issues with any of my other multiplayer games doing this or lagging period. Im using a wired connection,30-35 mb up,5-7 mb down,no packet loss,open NAT and 90-96 latency.Ive tried going wireless,rebooting my router,hard reset of my Xbox One and using a shorter distance ethernet cord about 4ft new.Almost every game or every other game I either lag out of the match or freeze running in place.This is happening on Halo 5 btw.Thanks for any solutions in advance!

I have recently fixed this issue by putting my Xbox One in the DMZ of my router.Most would not suggest it but it was the only thing that worked unless you try port forwarding.I had an arris router and my ISP is time warner.

you will be fine if you leave your router DMZ linked to your xboxs ip, just make sure you have a static ip for your xbox

Are there any dangers of not using a static IP? Im relatively new at forwarding,any info would be appreciated!

if another device takes the ip of your xbox then what ever device takes it will have every port open, not a good thing. it is rather simple to set up a static ip for the xbox one.

  • go to settings - go to network - click on network settings - click advanced settings - click ip settings and fill in the infonow you will have to know your routers ip, you can find this by opening command prompt on a windows pc.

  • Type in ipconfig - you will be looking for default gatewaynow my default gateway is, these are my settings change yours to what your gateway is

  • ip address - (if your gateway is, you can use what ever the number is after 168 will be what you wanna use. the number after that can be something random like 2-255) - subnet mask - - gateway - - primary DNS - (this should be your routers ip) - secondary DNS - you have any issues or anything questions just reply here

Thank a million! Tons of people are having issues with this and I am no longer one of them.Have a good one!

glad i could help! hope you have a great night