Waiting for players

As soon as the match started I see the “waiting for players” banner that you usually see at the start of a match. However in this case the banner never went away. In fact, it seems that the match continued without me! I could hear and the prompts as my team mate went about his business normally. At first I thought “well if I’m waiting, it must mean that one of my opponents is suffering a connection issue or something, and this is the way the game is balancing.” But then I thought “That’s absurd! If that were the case the game would just kick both of us?” No sooner had I thought this that I saw the blips of both of our opponents show up on the radar! Needless to say, I was helpless as the enemy came barreling down on my “base” and could only watch in horror as it was wiped off the face of the map along with my default infantry (god speed boys. *salutes). Afterwards, I got to sit and watch my ally setup shop on my land. I’m not bitter in the least as i know this is just a beta (we won anyways, kudos to my teammate). I have had a lot of fun playing and would like to add a few notes on other things I would like to see changes on.

  • The Brutes energy harvester looks a little cheesy, almost cartoony. I understand their technology was primitive compared to the covenants but I’d like to think they kept a little somethin somethin from the glory days? Maybe even learned some new things from the Forerunners? Streamline those buildings! - The amount of games it took to place was too many, I would consider half. - I feel that the balancing between brute and human faction could use some tweaking in favor of the brutes, It seems like it takes brutes more resources to build Infantry/ vehicles. Who cares about defense if you can’t mount an offense. - Add the ability to garrison/ control light bridges - Beef up the turret selection - How will you ever replace John Forge!? R.I.P.That last one was not a change just hope to see a diverse set of leader powers. That is all, thanks for sticking with me thus far and I will see you in the battlefield!

Full On King Kong

Yeah, I get this bug a lot. You just have to restart the game until it works. I’m sure they are aware of it.

Same problem. Bored of waiting until it worked.

ya forgot i was going to play it was taking to long bruh LOLOL

Same problem. Bored of waiting until it worked.

Yeah, it seems to be a common problem. They must sort this out before the final release.