Waiting for Halo 5's Relase?

Who is actually gonna want to wait till the next release of Halo 5 and knowing it won’t be for a good year and half or two? I am still bummed about spending full price on Halo 4 and it not being “Halo” more or less COD.

I want the balance of Halo back! This isn’t a rant just opinions or thought’s about your opinion’s on this topic. Also hoping for the TU coming soon to fix the balancing and bringing back the Halo we all known was again.

Nope, Halo 4 is great lookin foward to griffball and upcomming playlist. Not thinking about 5 right now.

I can tell you I’ll definatly not buy it day 1, I’ll get it maybe a month after release though.

I’m personally hoping for a huge TU to fix this “Walking in the shoes of another game developer COD” Halo is supposed to be Halo not a follower. It just did so well on it’s own balancing of the game.

Halo needs to tweak the Ordinance drops, 5 second timer, classic playlists. Then the Halo i’ve known for years will feel like it’s still there. Also the balancing of other weapons and aa’s.