Wait, WHAT? Campaign spoiler

Information taken directly from the latest advances, I am going to spoiler it so as not to disturb anyone:

UNSC Infinity is confirmed to have been destroyed.

I don’t know whether to be disappointed or surprised.

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I think that was confirmed from the original trailer, what with everyone being from infinite and being deceased. Pretty sure they also said it in an interview.

Hope Lasky survived, he was one of the few characters that 343 made that I actually like.


I’m angry, it seems like a cowardly decision to want to get rid of the last 10 years of Halo. There are many fans of UNSC Infinity and Lasky, he deserved better.


I’m not personally one to be overly upset or disgruntled by spoilers, but GameInformer seriously goofed on this. Their “Impressions” episode goes 4-5 steps further into divulging Infinite’s story than any other coverage out there right now, and it is presented seemingly completely obliviously without any kind of spoiler tag.

A fanbase that’s been starving for as much info as possible on this game for literally years at this point isn’t going to pass up a ~45 min “Impressions” video discussion from a “reputable” (washed up though they undeniably are) source like GI.

Super, super tonedeaf and icky on their part. The game is literally <30 days out and they’re blaring substantial story details to anyone who’s been following Infinite news at all.


I just hope blue team didn’t die. Lockle can die for all I care and the rest of that team, but buck. I mean it would be not nice to kill blue team just because they where in 5. Miss I thought that Chief would be taller I don’t care about. Could make it where Chief after getting the new AI goes there and he finds lockle getting killed by a brute and the brute takes his helmet . Also finds that team from spartan ops idk what there name was. Also finds noble 6 helmet because it was put there. And finds most of noble teams armor. Kat, and Emile because Carter blew up and most likely his armor or could find blown up parts of it. Jorge was in a slipspace thing and got blew up no finding his armor. Also mostly everyone else dead. But blue team left and they went back to Earth with Lasky and buck so they got out. Or just scrap that and blue team with buck lead Lasky to an longsword and got out. Just hope they don’t die. I mean Lockle could just die in a book.

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Infinity is supposed to be a huge flag ship. But to be honest, it didn’t appear until 2012 Halo 4, and all it did was be a beacon for UNSC. It never really did anything to be honest… at least nothing that we can see in gameplay.

So it shard to feel for this ship besides knowing a lot of enemies died.


Who says he’s dead? The pillar of autumn was destroyed at the beginning of Halo CE, Keyes made it to the ring just fine. Just because the Infinity is destroyed doesn’t mean everyone on board died.


Wouldn’t believe it till I see the wreckage itself - relax.

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As long as we’ll get more stories with Halsey and Laskey. (And don’t even get me started on Blue Team)
Halsey is one of my favourite characters in the franchise, if they’re gonna kill her off they better do it well.
And Lasky is my favourite 343-era character, he deserves more stories.


RIP Palmer.

Gonna be hard to replace her.

It seems very unlikely to me that everyone on board the Infinity died. I believe this for 2 reasons:

a) The Infinity was relatively intact when we saw it in the first gameplay demo.

b) Obviously the Banished would have stormed the crash site, but that doesn’t mean they killed everyone.

We have already seen them take human prisoners, and the personnel aboard the Infinity is comprised of high profile individuals. If Lasky, Del Rio, Roland, etc. survived the crash you can bet they became POW’s.

The campaign has yet to be released. The scene from the first demo and most of what we have seen has been a few hours into the campaign, I would not put it out of the realm of believability that we will we see the fate of the UNSC Infinity and her crew in the game. I would not get angry or disappointed when what information you/we have is incomplete and very little.

sooo agree with this, i love Buck, favorite ODST, favorite 2ndary caracther.

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Ummm… did you not play Halo 4. Why would Del Rio be there?!

Mate chill they are not comfirmed dead. It’s legit the same case we had in Halo CE where the ship is taken over. Laskey and the boys may have drop podded to other areas of the ring

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I completely agree, it would suck if they killed him off-screen.

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Off-screen or on, I just don’t want him to die period.

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It’s been awhile, I don’t remember all the details. My biggest takeaway from H4 was the ending scene with Chief and Cortana.

I’m not sad unless Thomas Lasky was on it