Wait... We don't have stats?

That’s a joke, right? My GF was watching me play and she noticed that there was no service record on my player I.D. so I have to explain to her that they didn’t implement it into the game and she posed a sobering question to me that I knew in the back of my head, but didn’t want to acknowledge. And that question was “Then why play at all?” I beg your pardon? “why play at all? If they aren’t even keeping track of what you’re doing, and you have nothing to show for it, then what’s even the point of playing outside of mindless fun?”… Damn… She was right. I hopped into MCC, and I had never appreciated it more than I have with the release of infinite. If you can’t even provide the most basic, and I mean absolute basic things, like a K/D count and matches won, then you really just don’t want me or anyone else to play your game and spend money on it. I see now that Infinite was actually a trick to get us to repopulate MCC. Well played, 343… well played.

Halotracker shows some stats.

Don’t go in expecting heatmaps or anything, but it’s at least something.


That’s great… I should be able to do that ON THE GAME. But thank you though.

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Happy to help, hopefully stats get added.

You’re not wrong, but thankfully an out of game option exists.