Wait! Two new maps?

They show the “two new maps” to tell us “this two are example for new maps in Season Two” or “They are only two maps in S2”?
I don’t want to be scared by you again, 343i !
I really like the style of infinite,I just can’t endure such a good game die in a such stupid service.
But all I can do is just wait and impose my self to be positive.

  • Yes,! Just be positive! There will be better! There will be more!
  • Must be only two! They can’t do it!

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Are you honestly surprised? My expectations for 343 are very very low at this point. Already preparing myself for a garbage season 2 and not coming back to the game.


By the way,I have uninstall Infinite for nearly two months, back to MCC


I won’t surprise if 343 do anything

and maps, specifically, one Arena map named “Catalyst” and one BTB map named “Breaker.”

It’s pretty clear, one of each.


Personally i wish they had prioritized forge more so. If they could get forge mode out the community can start creating some amazing maps (some of which could be selected as permanent official additons for playlists like previous games) and then we would have a LOT more options to fill in the meantime until more official maps are released. But even though there are only 2 coming out, im glad they put more focus on new modes and performance issues. The new maps are wanted but the current options of what to do on those maps are very limited. Tired of the monotony of the same modes over and over again.


As I read it, they will release two new maps, Catalyst (Arena) and Breaker (BTB). Also keep in mind, this is “during” Season 2, so they might drop individually or together at any point over its duration.


I’m ok with 2 if they drop couple of new maps each season


My Question is, how does Bonnie Ross still have her job ?

She’s had 4 top people leave the company which tells me something is wrong.



SEASON 2 full price.
without any consideration for the bad seasson 1


They said two new maps.

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If they do 2 new maps each season (with a season taking around 3 months) I’d be fine with that. However just 2 new maps after this prolonged season and those maps having been available since the Beta is a bit disappointing.


I look at what 343 says and I look at their actions and I see conflicting messages. They say they value player feedback, etc but a lot of their actions suggest that this game is purely a money grab. Then they lash out at the comunity for giving tough but honest feedback.

Don’t get me wrong I love the gameplay, etc but in my view 343 has really squandered their opportunities to their playerbase and to halo in general. They always seem to overpromise and under deliver or they create a problem like releasing a game with bare bones game modes then come into save the day by adding gamemodes we should have had from the start.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know anything about game development but what is going on here? Where are gamemodes like assault, infection, invasion, etc? Where is a future gameplan for the game? Where are the other new maps etc in development? Where is co op? Where is forge? It almost seems like to me there’s no roadmap and this “plan” is being made up as they go.


Content is content. I am glad we’re getting some new stuff. The new armour core is a surprise.

Hopefully once these two seasons are done and they get the nonsense out of the way. The game becomes stable and they can start adding things.


I’d be happy with 2 to 3 maps a season (at least 8 a year).

But making season one twice as long has hurt a bit.

Surely they could throw in a Halo 5 map or two just to tide us over. They would play well with Infinite’s sandbox.


Yea me too. They only confirmed it more when Co op got delayed further I’m like eh at this point just delay it till next year. They didn’t even say anything about cross core so I’m not even excited about the cnew cores because I like the MK 7 and it feels like I won’t be getting may cool Designs for that thing


Can you add an option that says “I’m split on how it could turn out”? Cause, I mean, on the one hand I really want to have some faith in 343’s capabilities, and they have had ample time. But on the other hand, they had six years to come up with maps for the base game, and I think we all know how that turned out.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect any maps at all. So two new maps for season 2 is a good thing in my opinion.

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My fear for this is that they just leave all the map creating to forge. Whilst some forge additions are good, we don’t want every map to be fan made. You end up with a playlist full of Lego set maps that look terrible.

They need more official maps, it shouldn’t take this long to create such little content.


Wishful thinking, I hope they bring back Sword Base but make a aftermath version of it

But to be honest, nice to see some more maps, but only 1 more 4v4 & BTB, not sure how that’s going to keep me playing more

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