Wait? So the free credit system is behind a paywall?

Im proberbly late to this one (decide to come back after a while with disappointment)

I thought ill try earn some credits and then unlock armour from the shop at a slower pace. The credits are behind a pay wall.

I swear before season 2 was released they were going to let players earn free armour with the credit system?

Are 343I that tight that they decided to put that behind the paywall aswell?

I spent £55 on the the disc. Why is this a thing? Why are they betraying the fan base who have been playing since the begining of halo?

  1. Yes, the ‘free’ credits are for those who buy the battle pass, so you can earn it back. Basicly if you buy the S2 Battle Pass, you get the future battle passes for free, since you can always get the credits for it.
  2. You didn’t pay 55 pounds to play multiplayer, because multiplayer is free to play. That disc was only for the campaign and the credits to not affect anything in the campaign.

So in other words if there marketing is as ‘free’ credits with BP then the content is not actually free.

Kind of feel like there on purpose trying to find ways to put people off from playing the game. Current state of the game is not making me want to come back to Infinite and things sadly are not improving.


343 hate free players. It might as well have been a paid title then.


“Moochers of Reach”



Literally nothing in this world outside of air is free. But the marketing wasn’t about free credits. It was buy the battle pass and earn enough credits to unlock the next one for free. Assuming you never spend those credits.


I wouldn’t have expected them to give me enough free credits to buy the battlepass after I’ve finished it.

Just feels like betrayal to the loyal fan base. If they just did it the way it was always done then the population wouldn’t of plumeted.

Same with the ranking system


This way too long, but Oh well.

I have pointed this out before, but here I go again. The way they do it now … here is an example: If I go it a diner and I always get some soup and a sandwich and the soup and sandwich cost $15.00, and then one day I go into the diner and the server informs me that the soup and the sandwich combo I always get has changed I now get the sandwich for free I only have to pay for the soup, and I say great what a deal. When I get my bill and the total is $25.00, I call the server over to contest the bill amount, but I am told to shut up stop whining, and be grateful the sandwich is free.

You know the con of getting something free is not new it’s been around forever… If you are old enough, picture women or men now, but women in the past being enticed to buy cosmetics at department stores, and the ultimate lure, a FREE gift, the product was always garbage that’s why there was the lure of something free.

Virtually everything that is advertised to us, buy one get one free, get two free, get three free just buy this product and pay the shipping and handling, but you’re gonna get this free. Sign up for this mobile plan and get an extra 5 gigs free, and there we all go lining up to get free.
Anyone with half a brain cell knows it’s not free, we are spending far more, but somehow with this game and almost every other game, people are falling for the same time-honored con.

Halo franchise has always been about the story, they know the campaign is what sells, eventually, most everyone will buy the campaign, stand-alone or with a gamepass because people want to play what they have always played, the story, the story is the product, Multiplayer in games was and still primarily remains an add-on. Far more people have bought and played the campaign portion of games than are playing multiplayer, people will always play the story.

In Canada, you will pay $80 for the campaign or go for the gamepass and pay even more, and now they split the campaign and multiplayer into separate pieces for more Profit charging more for much less product, and you, the user, want to straight-faced continue selling their Idea of this game being free. Anyone who believes this con is the perfect intended victim.

But you know we the people can’t be solely responsible for falling for the con, we have been conditioned all our lives. At the very least let’s open our eyes and look at what these companies are doing, we can still play the games, but let us not be a fool. One more thing, this event right now, all they have done is to take Landgrab out of the game list stick it in its own section, and now call it an event for some trinkets, What!
is everyone Nuts?

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I don’t believe they ever said you could earn credits for free unless I completely missed that. The idea is that you buy a battle pass and you get your money back by leveling the bp. If you max your bp, you’ll earn enough credits to buy the next one. So if you keep maxing bp’s, you essentially just need to buy 1 bp and all your future bp’s won’t cost you anything. It’s a model pretty much every game that has a bp system uses which Halo didn’t have and that’s what people were flaming them for, so they added it in S2.


Yeah, they said “Earnable Credits”… you can earn them if you pay for the premium pass. Worse still, the credits are split into 10 groups of 100 cR instead of a single group of 1,000 cR. So basically they are taking up 9 extra spots that could’ve been used for other items like armors, swaps, XP Boost, emblems etc.

343 is the number of heads this snake has.


A few games do this. It seems to be a thing to reward the long time players who commit to playing through a BP each season. But they neglected those who bought S1, and overlooked those who bought the campaign. They could have included some credits for the cash shop with the campaign purchase.


I feel like the problem is…people asked for free credits so there was a valid way to earn content without paying for the F2P mode and 343i choose to half-listen and instead making ‘paid’ credits that were only earnable by buying into the BP…making them not free.

Just because another dev does something does not mean we have to like or tolerate it. Heck it’s one of the main reasons why I abandoned Halo Infinite after barely a few months since it killed my interest due to a large amount of the content being blocked behind the 2nd paywall and that’s not saying much since the game has always lacked content.

This is why I feel forced to play other games till the situation changes with Infinite since so far nothing seems to have got better after 6+ months.

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Yeah that’s a whole other system Halo is missing. Other games usually have an in game currency system and a real money system, Halo only has a real money one. Dark days. Honestly if that’s the main reason you stopped playing and you’re waiting for it to drastically change… I don’t think you’ll ever come back. This is the reality of modern AAA mp. It will pronably get a little better than it is now but nothing near to what we’d actually like.

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You might be right about not returning. I’ve been playing Halo to max rank in many Halo games and well I haven’t dropped a Halo game this fast since H4. I really hope 343i start caring about the fanbase and the franchise instead of ignoring the complaints. I’m deeply concerned for the future of Halo.

No. Imagine you go to this diner and always get a soup and sandwich combo for $15. The server informs you that the combo is now split. Your sandwich is now $15, but you can eat as much soup as you want for free. Literally endless soup for free. You can buy a sandwich if you want, but you are under no obligation to buy a sandwich to receive the free soup. This would be more in line with Infinite’s model, with the multiplayer being the free soup, and the campaign being the sandwich. If you have a console/pc that can run the game, and an internet connection, you can play multiplayer for absolutely free. You don’t even need Xbox Live Gold to play it on Xbox.

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Wrong. Your analogy assumes that the soup is complete and enjoyable, but the soup is bow watery, and it’s missing ingredients that you have to add for $1.50 each.

Also, they switched the bread they used for the sandwich, and it now vaguely tastes of sawdust.

I don’t know why I bother, 90% sure you knew you were arguing in bad faith

With the number of posts you make on just being upset at the game. Why not just move on and go to something that will make you happier?

Yeah I dropped it after 3 weeks, went straight back to Apex. I’ve just been playing during the events and that’s it. Game seems like it needed 2 more years in development which is a crazy thought considering it already had double the dev cycle of any other Halo game.

Know what you mean. Though I didn’t go to Apex since not a fan of Battle Royale games. I’ve been mostly playing Elden Ring and Horizon. I’ll probably try Infinite and MCC on the Steam Deck someday but the thing is Infinite gives me barely any reasons to want to keep playing. Think I dropped the game in about roughly the same time. I check the forums to see if things improve but sadly not.