Wait, is this MP's full release or a beta?

I’m confused…
everywhere I’ve read says that this is a beta, and yet I just earned achievements I didn’t think you could earn achievements in a beta

It is essentially the full release, they are just dubbing it a beta so that when the inevitable bugs crop up there is a baked in excuse.


I mean it honestly feels this way, you can purchase credits purchase the battle pass gain achievements…they are branding this a beta…but I swear this is a full launch

It’s beta with progress that carry’s over on the 8th,
so it’s basically out.

This is officially a beta based on what 343 Industries has stated but I would instead consider this as an official release due to it looking like a finished product and that there doesn’t exist any constraints that are usually related to betas. In addition to that, many of the permanent features are enabled including the ability to spend real life money on monetized content.

so it is possible that we won’t get many classic weapons and even in campaign? I think there are too few kinds of weapons actually :pensive:

I’ll happily consider it a beta if a big update comes out on the 8th that fixes a lot of the large-standing issues. Otherwise, I’ll also feel like it’s an excuse. Maybe they needed more time?

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