Wait a minute... this is actually almost nice

Honestly, speed isn’t the problem, so this doesn’t change at all to me how terrible this is. An ugly, scummy monetization scheme is the problem. Making less free customization options in this than in any past Halo game (and making colors, which require almost no effort on the devs part, something you have to buy) is the problem. Making the progression challenge-based and thus inspiring players to focus on their own illegitimate goals instead of winning games is the problem. Not having playlists and also forcing players to play games they don’t want to just to get XP is the problem.

The problem, in one statement, is that 343 made a lazy, greedy system, and they have yet to say anything in response to the consistent backlash against it.

You know, I 100% agree.
It’s why I’m still pushing for xp rewards for winning, rather than xp for medals because people will delay finishing the matches just to farm medals and whatnot, though that’s honestly not the worst thing in the world, just annoying players being annoying.
Honestly I don’t understand why anybody would push back against xp for winning. It’s bizarre hearing some people’s esoteric reasons like “it discourages playing ranked because you win less often” Like so what? You don’t get anything from ranked matches anyway besides bragging rights so that’s entirely on you as a player.

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They have responded though. Everybody’s away for the holiday because they just finished crunch time and need a break, so it’s mostly just a skeleton crew doing stuff at the studio. Which, I understand. I have projects of my own with deadlines and I know how crunch time is.

But, yes, the weekly challenges don’t encourage good play. The lack of incentive for winning is obviously a problem. The fact that you could just grind out all the challenges in a day and then have nothing to do the rest of the week is a problem. I understand they need to make some money on the multiplayer in order to continue supporting the multiplayer (What business supports something that doesn’t make them money?) But I believe soon we’ll reach a point where both 343i and us will get a balance of what we want.

They haven’t responded to the problems though, and that’s the issue. This is a company that took Bungie’s title and has routinely made cop outs and cheap, lazy decisions with it, and have also routinely ignored outcry from the community and serious problems that could’ve been addressed if they just admitted they were a mistake in the first place; forgive me if I don’t trust them very much.

So, their responses don’t really mean anything unless they name specific issues and say specifically how they’re going to address them. Otherwise, it’s just some empty words to appease people. I understand they’re on break and that’s perfectly fine, good even, but they need to list the problems and what they’re going to do about them, or at least tell us that they will do so soon. Right now, all I know is that they acknowledge there are issues; do they just intend to fix the progression and not bother with all the other problems? Or are they just talking about people’s complaints about the event?