Wait a minute... this is actually almost nice

So I have been crusading these forums over the past few days talking about how to make the battle pass progression better. Only to realize it’s actually pretty good, minus a few sources of frustration.

Imagine my surprise when I was near completing all the weekly challenges and finished it off with one of the one hour 2x XP boosts and realizing it doubles ALL xp gains for the duration, not just the 50xp, boosting me up 4, almost 5 levels in an hour without me spending any more money than just the cost of the battle pass. I’m currently at level 16 and this is only week 2, not to mention the Fractures: Tenrai event just handing out XP chunks for completing its challenges.

So yes, my opinion has changed due to patience and fresh knowledge. I could probably clear another 7 levels in an hour or two if I save an xp boost for when I have a bunch of easy challenges lined up.

BUT. AGAIN. I strongly recommend to 343 that you add a consistent xp reward for winning, instead of just playing. It is incredibly tempting to just leave matches where I can’t complete challenges if that is my motivation for the day, and yes, sometimes I play to have fun and other times I play to achieve goals. And it’s a slippery slope, if I run out of challenges one week and just have the measly 50xp each match, I may put the game down until next week and then BOOM it’s been a month since I’ve played… think about it.


I ranked 3 levels last night after playing for only an hour, no xp boost - and the progression is linear in HI - unlike logarithmic in other games (warzone). I think people are used to fast rank up early on and they don’t realize the difference.
So I completed 3% in an hour… At this rate I’ll be level 30 before the end of the event and I don’t play anywhere near as much as some of the people complaining on here.


Idk what you’re talking about man. I’ve been playing for 15 hours and haven’t unlocked a single cosmetic :joy:

I mean don’t get me wrong here, I would greatly appreciate the freedom to rank up a little faster by winning more consistently than other people. But yes the season isn’t nearly as bad as I first thought. Just wish they’d utilize the daily challenge bracket a bit, and then we’d probably all be squared away nicely.

Not to mention there seems to be a content reward for completing each week’s challenges, meaning there’s a chance at something nice AND hard to earn can be mine all mine.

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You should at least have the visor from last week.

But uhh… playing terribly and not completing challenges still causes you to progress slowly… not to mention most of the good stuff is behind the $10 entry fee for the battle pass season, which is a comparable price to other games with battle passes…

I did get the visor on a technicality. As for the battle pass I’m not gonna purchase it. It’s impossible to finish. I’m not gonna get the full value of what I paid for so I’m not gonna pay for it. I mean it is possible to complete, by playing 2,000 matches, but it’s not very realistic. I got a job and a family I can’t be sitting there playing Halo all night.

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Well, if you completed weekly challenges then you’d at least get some stuff for the Mk VII armor. Although most of the Battle Pass content is updated Halo Reach armor until towards the end.

I believe they NEED to reward wins, at the very least. Most of us are like you, we don’t have time to grind out inconsequential videogames, although if we find time, we’re likely to try.
At this time, If you managed to complete EVERY weekly challenge every week, completing one challenge a match, you’d complete the battle pass in about 40-ish hours of play.
If you think of it like that, at least there’s no big rush.

Most of the challenges are nonsense. Right now I have one that says “get a kill with the distuptor.” How am I supposed to do that? It’s useless. I actually tried for 3 games straight and just ended up going -10 on all of them without a kill.

This is starting to sound like a “you” problem, lol…

I don’t wanna be that guy who just says “Git Gud.” but this is a competitive game where everybody wants to win.
Hit the weapon drills in the academy. The disruptor is more powerful than you’re giving it credit for. Once you land 6 shots you can usually just let the shock damage finish them off, or land a 7th for good measure.

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I still don’t like the idea of rewarding wins with XP. It makes the game feel like everyone is a damn pro at it, making it difficult for former-hardcore and casual gamers to enjoy cause they get trashed.

Also, it wouldn’t show ones skill anyway, just how long they played.

But, I can understand if you want an incentive to play the game as it is intended.

That is what we currently have, what do you mean? In previous Halo games it was a performance-based progression, or achievement based, with a baseline minimum progression reward each match.
Rewarding 50xp for wins and 50xp for completing the match would mean the opposite, they would not need to spend as long playing if they’re good enough to win consistently.
Meanwhile, scrubs still progress at the current rate. It doesn’t affect them at all.

The disruptor is a very good weapon! Especially in btb that thing is amazing

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Nah, clearly everyone is angry about these whack challenges except you. Sounds like a YOU problem. My aim is exceptional from thousands of hours of aim training, Valorant, and Apex so don’t come at me with the git gud argument lol. The Disruptor is just useless in the context of the Infinite sandbox. 7 shots from a low fire rate weapon when you got 2+ people pushing you with BRs and grenades at all time. Sure buddy lol

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Yeah, I don’t know why something like Call of Duty’s XP system or Apex’s XP system can’t work wonders for Halo Infinite.

It boils down to some pretty basic components:

  • Baseline XP earned by completing a match
  • Additional XP earned by winning a match
  • Additional XP earned through performance (kills + medals (different medals provide different amounts of bonus XP)
  • Additional XP earned by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges

This XP should be contributing to two things:

  1. Battle Pass Level
  2. An overall permanent level (like SR in Halo 5 and rank in Halo MCC)

While I’m sure that implementing this isn’t exactly easy, it’s a very basic type of system that is implemented well in basically every modern shooter.

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I think you’re done talking. Move on. If you can’t get a kill with a disruptor I don’t think I need to hear anything else. Especially if you’re getting sassy with me about it.

Yeah it would’ve been nice.

But this system isn’t far off at all. They just need to add win xp on top of the baseline for completing matches.

I’m just stating facts dude. If you don’t wanna hear em that’s your problem. I personally don’t feel like it’s healthy for the game to ignore the fact that most of the new additions to the sandbox are not very effective combat-wise and then having challenges locked to performing with those under-performing weapons.

I’m saying someone who wins a lot, likely cause they team with players who carry them, and plays let’s say 10 games will receive the same XP as someone who loses a lot, likely cause they don’t have a team of good players, but plays 20 games.

So it’s still based on how much you play.

Also, consider Ranked. As you get to higher ranks, you will typically lose more often, right?

The copium is strong with this one.

  1. XP boosts cost money. BAM you already spent money which could have went to literally anything else. Premium pass shoving the pass full of XP boosts is a massive trap and blindside because you aren’t earning any cosmetics from those. If you strip away all the XP boosts from Premium, you find that you actually have a really pathetic selection of armors coming from a 100 tier Season Pass.

  2. Fractures handing out xp chunks has the same problem as point no.1 except it’s worse because this is the only truly fully free pass that f2p players have access to. Congratz, you just gave a f2p player xp chunks to unlock challenge swaps on Season Pass. WOOP DE DOO. And to add insult to injury, we can’t even progress more than 7 tiers in a week, the Tenrai pass is 30 tiers, and if each week is only 7 tiers, we will total out at 21 tiers, 9 short of complete. And guess what’s stuck at the end of the pass? All the alternate helmets. SHUCKS GUESS WE DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING HUH.

XP is a HUGE mistake.
Just give us Season Points back, or make challenges tier us up on completion.

Yeah, the components are there. We’ve got stat tracking via API, medals in the game, etc. The pieces are all there for 343i to put together into a competent progression system. It seems that they are working on it, too, so that’s good.

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