Wager REQ game modes

Just an idea, but does anyone else think it would be cool to have a part of the arena be wager game types. So players could try and get REQ points at a higher rate with the possibility of losing theirs. Just like some of the wager game modes in COD. There would be tiers of wagers so people with low REQ points could enter with low amounts of points, but there would be higher tiers where only high rollers could wager large amounts of REQ points. You guys think this is a good idea? Or would it upset the balance of the REQ economy, as i could see that being a problem.

I like it!

I think it would upset the balance but being a poker player, I’m all for going all in on one match to double up points.

It would certainly be a thrill shocker. I personally wouldnt play this, but idk about putting it in the game.