w0w SR1-30

getting 30-40 kills a game o BTB & yet they have like less than a 1000 kills in there war game stats hmmmm I think CSR50’s are getting bored & making new accounts as they cant cope with the compition & want to bully noobs


Good players being attracted by CSR perhaps. Don’t worry they won’t stay long. Not many do.

in English
SR1 upto SR30 players with less than 1k kills in there MM records are getting like 40 kills a game in BTB
Now you may say they are just good but when some 1 gets 47 kills with 17 with a sniper rifle while jumping about hmmmm & there MM kills are less than a 1000
to me that is someone who plays team snipers & on there proper account is a CSR 40-50 & who wants to show of to noobs like a lowly CSR 1 like m0i