W.O.L.F Game Night- Summer of Halo

Hi I’m one of the three alpha leaders of my clan W.O.L.F (Worldwide Offensive Logistics Force). We’re having a game night tomorrow just to get ourselves better known in the halo community and potentially get some new recruits. We’ll be doing some casual custom games and maybe some light competitive fun or some of our clan’s original maps. If you and/or your clan are interested in coming just pop me a friend request. We should be rolling around 4-5 EST. Game invites will be on a first come, first served basis. For more details message me either on here or through xbox live. Just three points though:

  1. No kids (U13’s)
  2. In hand with 1, no obnoxious -Yoinks!- please- At the end of the day we’re all here to have fun, but you will be booted if you’re being overly immature or an -Yoink-.
  3. You need to be in game chat at all times- It’s likely we’ll have more than 8 people in the session at one time so no being antisocial and staying in party chat.

Anyway I hope you’ll be interested in coming and we can’t wait to see you. Cheers